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Organic Marijuana, Soma Style: The Pleasures Of Cultivating Connoisseur Cannabis (Marijuana Tips)

A breeder of international fame, Soma is synonymous with earth-friendly grow techniques and an appreciation for the healing qualities of marijuana. Now in his first-ever book, this sage of the marijuana scene shares his methods and philosophy with a collection of his best works, all-new essays and stunning photography.Soma offers detailed advice for every stage of growing organically: selecting seeds and mother plants, making clones, creating one’s own soil mix, using organic pest control and knowing the best time for harvesting. With these instructions, gardeners of all levels can learn to grow marijuana with the sublime qualities and subtleties of flavor and effects that have made this breeder legendary. Sixteen pages of Soma’s lush full-color photography help to showcase his methods and varieties.Much like organic food has become increasingly popular through a heightening of awareness, Organic Marijuana raises consciousness about growing an outstanding crop of marijuana while respecting both environmental and individual health.This second book in the Marijuana Tips series continues to present the tips and techniques that only expert growers can provide.

Series: Marijuana Tips

Paperback: 128 pages

Publisher: Quick American Archives; First Edition edition (April 19, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0932551688

ISBN-13: 978-0932551689

Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 0.3 x 9.1 inches

Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces

Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (32 customer reviews)

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Soma is an icon in the cannabis cultivation industry. His book details how he grows. His many years of experience will help teach you how to choose the best seeds and grow the best organic crop. Simple methods require a bit of work to set up, but grow great crops. His experience growing and breeding cannabis is invaluable for all breeders. I have followed his advice for many years. Soma is one of my gurus!

This book is a great help. I have used it various times already. It is very easy to understand and has great graphics for help. This book was helpful selecting seeds, and telling me the best time to harvest. This book helped me learn how to grow a garden without using chemicals like all the gardens. I highly recomend this book to beginers and to advanced gardeners.

..I learned to respect the plant as a living object. I really enjoyed this book. This is not for the beginner but should greatly improve someone who has a basic understanding. I think it's more for turning the hobby into a form of artwork. He teaches you how to look for body language in your garden and grow the healthiest organic medicine you can.

I was pleasantly surprised that a such a small book could deliver so much information. I have yet to discover a better book on Organic Cannibis cultivation. Even if you are not growing in Soil or totally organic it will still give you some great growing ideas.

I have read many books about how to grow, but this book really shows you how to make your bud the best! If it weren't for this book I would have never known how the best bud is supposed to be grown. Thanks Soma for your tireless efforts.

Even though I have extensive experience with gardening techniques and methods this little book renews not only the technical but the personal connection we have with the natural world. Good vibes and information on organic methods for any plant.

I liked Soma's style and personality, but the book was sometimes vague. This book contains many useful tips on growing and cultivating organic marijuana grown in a soil medium. If you are growing hydro or are a beginner I recommend this book only as an addition to your collection. If your a beginner I recommend Jorges Cervantes Marijuana Grow Basics.

I only pray for the day I can use the knowledge in this book. I have read a few of the leading grow guides out there but Soma's is the easiest and simplest to follow. Everything he says is put in very simple to read and understand words. Soma writes from the heart with a great love for the plant and respect for it's essence. He strongly believes in producing only the finest herb that produces the safest medicine that one can consume. The plans for his grow box are very simple and seem to be effective. I read the whole book in a couple of days and came away confident if I were to ever use his methods I could grow just as stellar of medicine as him. If you thought growing amazing medicine was too difficult or expensive to do then buy this book. You can start with very little and still produce a great final product using his methods. It's much cheaper and easier than I ever thought to grow Marijuana Soma Style.

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