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Marijuana Horticulture Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Guide To Cannabis Cultivation And Hashish Production

The first and only grow book from Trichome Technologies' legendary breeder, K, this is a must-have for every grower on the planet, from rookie cupboard growers to commercial cultivators. Walking you through every single stage of growing, from learning about the plant itself to extracting your expertly grown trichomes into stellar-quality hash, K shares unknown tricks and tips from his 20-year career. Whether you're just starting out and want to know the best medium to use, or you've been growing all your life and want to optimize your set-up, this book tells you everything you want to know and more.

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This book is the product of years of research, work and success. I knew K. through his garden photos and articles from High Times magazine, long before meeting him in person. This direct prodigy of Tom Forçade, High Times founder, Ed Rosenthal, Mel Frank and Robert Connell Clarke, and mine started growing cannabis when he was 12 years old, some 32 years ago! Through these well-footed and humble beginnings K. has met virtually everybody in this industry and carries the torch of hope for the future. K is at the head of an underground swell that makes up the burgeoning ranks of new growers of today and tomorrow.Indoor garden design is something K. takes seriously, pouring thousands of dollars into his ultimate high-tech setups. To set up an efficient productive large scale indoor garden you need to do your homework and planning. K. has set up many super productive high tech gardens in his career. Even with his propensity for technology his long career and practical knowledge have given him a greater appreciation for the basics of marijuana culture. This professional attitude from a guy who “never had a real job” proliferates the pages of this book.CNN and 60 Minutes TV news programs interviewed K back in the 1990s for their specials on indoor marijuana growing. They tracked K down through High Times where K had been elected the “Number One Producer” in the 35-year history of the magazine. They picked the right grower. The interviews were so successful that thousands of new growers were attracted to the field.If you want to see great photos and artwork along with well-researched heart-felt text from an author that risked his freedom by living in the United States of America to promote and grow cannabis, this is the book for you!

I was pretty disappointing in this book. I was hoping for insight into K's commercial knowledge, but this was nothing that isn't in any other cultivation book already. None of the subjects are talked about that deeply and the book is a clunky format, compared to say -Marijuana Horticulture by Jorge Cervantes- which K is cited for as a contributor (which explains why I originally thought the spider mite section was plagiarized, parts were so similar). Cervantes book is laid out much better and is more suitable as a reference book (despite the many typos it has).Positives: The color pictures are nice. Its heavy and may make a good door stop.

Easier to follow than Jorge Cervantes books, but buy them both! Even if you're not going to grow right now, but these to support the movement. I'm studying up so that I am ready to grow when people wake up and enough people realize that prohibition was based on the lies and deceit, and we repeal the prohibition. Remember, the reason cannabis became illegal is that those in power wanted another avenue to persecute Mexicans and blacks who were smoking the herb back in the 1930's. BUY THIS BOOK! GROW YOUR OWN! BE HAPPY! ;-)

K has really done a fantastic job with this book!! There are many books on this subject that are available but alot of them are cluttered with outdated information or practices that are not used anymore. This book covers the basics of plant biology and botany without loosing sight of how to use that information for your success. For the novice grower to the more commercial style grower, this book covers the no B.S. way to succeed. This is labeled "fundamentals" and it provides exactly that, providing fundamental knowledge and practice from his years of experience and dedication to cannabis. Following these fundamentals will ensure you a successful crop I can assure as I have read many others and this is by far the best written book on this subject yet. A must have for any serious or novice grower, or anyone who wants to educate themselves on this side of the industry without actually having to cultivate. You will not be disappointed!!!

This book is an essential component in any cannabis or medicinal plant library. I first became aware of Trichome Technologies back in 2009 when I began researching into the mechanisms of cannabinoid phyto-synthesis and the various techniques developed in different geographical regions of harvesting said cannabinoids. I came across pictures of harvested trichome gland heads at 100x zoom...I had never seen such beautiful amber orbs in my life. Besides the macro pics, there were still-lifes and artistic dioramas constructed with piles of glands. It was truly mind bending..and the pictures were all credited to the elusive Trichome Technologies. My web searches at the time revealed limited information about the secretive company..but it was clear they were light years ahead of the rest of the growers/breeders. I was able to find an article published in High Times that was written by "K" of Trichome Technologies; it spoke of his trip to Cuba and how he smuggled hundreds of seeds for any would be guerilla growers that likely exist in the hills of Cuba. I could tell this was a man with a mission beyond any material acquisition or earthly compensation, a true soldier in Jah's army. Now that the stigma around cannabis is steadily and rightfully declining, K is able to operate more openly and spread his knowledge to the masses. I firmly believe people who use cannabis medicinally should learn to grow their own if possible for safety and health reasons, the more people have this information the less likely it will ever be lost or suppressed in the future. I could get all of this information from various internet resources, but if there were ever a time when the internet ceases to exist or becomes overly censored this is one of the handful of books that would be worth its weight in gold. Do yourself and humanity a favor and spread as many copies of this tome across the globe as possible.

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