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Houseplants For Dummies

Looking to bring some outside greenery indoors? Maybe you already have an indoor garden and are looking to create a botanical jungle.  Whatever the case may be, houseplants are an ideal inexpensive way to beautify your dwelling. You’ll be rewarded with purer air and you’re sure to enjoy watching your plant sprout, climb, and even flower. Of course, before you start working on crafting a greenhouse, you need to know what kinds of plants you can grown in your home and which plants are best suited to your taste and style. Houseplants For Dummies introduces dozens of different foliage plants, flowering plants, cacti, and exotic varieties. Your green thumb is sure to get even greener once you’ve read about: Houseplant basics Identifying indoor microclimates Indoor plant “biographies” Differentiating between direct, indirect, and low light Watering needs Rules of fertilizing Temperature and growing cycles Houseplants For Dummies is packed with houseplant growing techniques, tips, tricks, and even goes the extra mile with a chapter devoted to the various ways you can display houseplants if you’re looking for some bragging rights! Whether you’re new to the world of houseplant basics or you’re a seasoned gardener, you’ll get the “inside dirt” on topics such as: Various potting soil mixes Preparing plants for indoor life Cleaning, pruning, and staking Propagating houseplants Dealing with pests and diseases Building your own controlled climate And much more The material is arranged into six clear and helpful sections: houseplant basics, houseplant profiles, growing essentials, potted plant maintenance, houseplant settings, and valuable ideas – each section helping you create your own indoor forest. Even if you’re convinced you have a black thumb, Houseplants For Dummies will have you living among the green in no time!

Paperback: 392 pages

Publisher: For Dummies; 1 edition (August 25, 1998)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0764551027

ISBN-13: 978-0764551024

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This book is well written and provides sound information and guidance. I bought the book because I know little about houseplants. After a few minutes of reading I went to the nursery as an informed consumer. The salesman in the store where I bought my plants confirmed that the book is excellent. You can look up a topic in the index and find out what you need to know in a few minutes. There is a description of the care required for many, many plants and the advantages and disadvantages of each. This book gives the uninitiated the inside scoop.

So what if the organization of this book isn't to some peoples likings (as some reviewers have remarked)! This book saved several of my tropical plants lives. I'm a long time plant lover and propagator but was unfamiliar with tropicals and a few other plant families. I primarily raised cacti and spider plants.I was baffled by the brown bumps on my White Bird of Paradise plant but figured they were a part of the plant since they looked like wood bumps. After reading this book I found out they were bugs called Scale which suck the life from the plant and, when hatched, can jump from plant to plant. I also found out that what I had thought was just a problem with dust was in fact mildew, another potentially devistating disease. My plants are now all very happy.I have hard water in my area and found out about the need to use vinegar and water to "rinse" the salt from the soil in hard water situations. I've also always suspected that the tags that come with plants are bogus and this book explains exactly why. I was so surprised about this book to tell you the truth. I got it from the library to see if I could figure out the above problems then had to buy the book.I have other books that have all the "pretty pictures" but they are typically useless. I'd rather have a book that was informative and accurate. If you ant to keep your plant healthy and happy for the length of it's natural life, this book is among the ones to add to your shelf. If you want a book for plant identification then either get a Peterson Guide (all very good) or do a google image search with "tropical plants" or "flowering indoor plants", etc. I do that when looking up new varieties of herbs, medicinal weeds and other plants. Find the name then use a book, not all websites are good information.

The content of this book is very good - from the time you walk out the door to the garden store, to the time you finish enclosing your own greenhouse (yikes), this book will have you covered. Pictures & "insider tips" are particularly useful & clear. The book's overall organization, on the other hand, wasn't so hot. Chapter 3 (Buying a plant) and Chapter 14 (preparing plants for domestic life) are separated by the photo index, pruning tips, and instructions for hydroponic growing. Are we supposed to do all that on the car ride home? My guess is Hodgson's expertise had to be "reordered" to fit the Dummies format. All the same, if you can navigate the format, you'll find some great information

This book is informative and very easy to understand! I love all the information about each type of houseplant. Plus, now I know how to propagate and make my houseplants look the best they can.

Really useful for a newbie to houseplants. Lots of clear, helpful advice on houseplant care basics, including light, watering, fertilizer, temperature, humidity, etc.A lot of common houseplants were included by name, but sections on specific plants were a little too perfunctory to be very useful. If you want a lot of in-depth information on a particular plant, this isn't the book for you. However, I found that information on specific plants is easy to find on the internet, but the general knowledge that houseplant fanatics take for granted was harder for me to find, and that information was laid out nicely in this book.

Feel like you do not have a "green thumb"?, yet know friends or family that can take a dead stick and make it grow? This is a perfect book for anyone wanting to get houseplants started, enjoying them, and also helping put oxygen back into your home. From the very easy beginning houseplants such as an airplane plant, or prayer plant (it gives both the "botanical" names and common names, to more exotic plants such as moth orchids and beginning Bonsai's, the book explores the in's and out's of hundreds of houseplants. Watering, fertilizing, when to repot, what is easy to grow, what is more difficult, pests, how to rid pests naturally, without chemicals, and even a whole section of color photos of your most common houseplants are included. The tips are incredible. I have loved house plants for years, but have not grown them in a long time. As soon as I opened the first chapter, the book had me excited about having houseplants in every room. Great book for the novice to even intermediate house plant person. Great gift idea also.

This is a very good book for someone who has no clue about plants and a good reference for those who already have some knowledge about the care of plants

We thought the Dummies book would be the last houseplant book we'd ever need. Wrong. Try looking up ferns. There's but one entry in the index: "ferns, propagating from spores, 252, 327." Want to know how to care for ferns? Do they like sunlight or shade? Moist or dry? Keeping your fern healthy? No information except that it is difficult to grow them from spores. Come winter I'll use this book as kindling.

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