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Complete Guide To Carb Counting: How To Take The Mystery Out Of Carb Counting And Improve Your Blood Glucose Control

The completely revised Complete Guide to Carb Counting, 3rd edition, by the American Diabetes Association, provides you with the knowledge and the tools to put carbohydrate counting into practice. Rewritten and reorganized to introduce and explain carb counting concepts as you'll need them in your diabetes care plan, you'll learn why carb counting helps you manage your blood sugar, the amount of carb to eat, how to count the carbohydrates in meals, and how to count carbs using food labels, restaurant menus, and your eyes, too. This is THE meal planning system every carb-counting person with diabetes needs to manage their blood glucose.

Series: Complete Guide to Carb Counting

Paperback: 192 pages

Publisher: American Diabetes Association; 3 edition (May 31, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1580404367

ISBN-13: 978-1580404365

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Complete Guide To Carb Counting is an excellent how-to-guide for anyone needing flexible food choices as they balance today's modern lifestyles with the need for blood sugar control. It is very possible for diabetics to fit in all the foods they care to eat ranging from home cooked meals to convenience foods, to elegant restaurant cuisines by controlling their carbohydrate intake. Complete Guide To Carb Counting is an American Diabetes Association reference offering an A to Z carbohydrate counting guide and instructions for everything necessary to better diabetes management. If you, a family member, or a friend must control blood sugar levels to insure good personal health, then Complete Guide To Carb Counting, enhanced with record keeping forms and real life stories from people using carb counting techniques, is a "must read" reference.

If you have any experience carb counting, this book is not going to add to your knowledge base. It takes a very standard, ADA approach to carbs: 45% - 65% of your daily calories from carbs, eat the same number of carbs per meal (i.e. breakfasts the same, lunches the same, etc.), estimate your carbs by 15 (1/2 a banana, 1/2 C. mashed potato, 1 slice bread all equal 15 carbs), and rely on your health-care team to make decisions about your diet.The chapters are:What is carb countingBasic carb countingKeeping track (food logs)Protein, fat, and alcohol count, tooWeighing and measuring food: A key to your successThe food label has the factsCarb counting in real life: How to count convenience foods & recipesCarb counting in real life: How to count restaurant meals & take out foodBlood glucose pattern management: Fine-tuning your controlBlood glucose-lowering medications & insulinAdvanced carb counting (definitely the most sophisticated chapter in the book)Cornerstones (sources of support)Plus three appendices:Carb counts of everyday foods (just 12 pages)Carb counting resources (websites and books)Record-keeping formsAs far as I'm concerned, this book should only be the beginning because there is so much more to diabetes control that the very basic information presented in The Complete Guide to Carb Counting.

This is an excellent book for both consumers and professionals. It is a comprehensive resource for basic carb counting and advanced carb counting. Because of the detail, it may be a bit overwhelming for those new to carb counting.

This book is a great resource for anyone with diabetes, newly diagnosed or who has had diabetes for years. This book teaches you how to account for the carbohydrates you are eating. It reviews how determine carbohydrates in your own personal recipes, in foods from restarants and from food that you purchase at the grocery store and then how to track your carbohydrate intake.

As if living with diabetes is not confusing enough, wait till you read this book. I was looking for an everyday carb counter book when I stumbled on this one. The title said "Complete Guide to Carb Counting" - great just what I wanted. The only list of carbs is in the last 2 pages illustrated in cut and paste examples from other sources and sooo small you need a magnifying glass to see them. Don't waste you money or time with this one.

A 'must have ' for anyone concerned about diabetes! This concise, informative and consumer-friendy guide delivers what it's title promises and so much more. Read from cover to cover or a few sections to start. You will find yourself referring back 'as needed' again and again.

An easy-to-read REAL LIFE guide to carb counting. A MUST READ for everyone with diabetes, as this book is much more than just carb counting.

As a victim of Adrenal Insufficiency, I am now a Type 2 diabetic; horrible plight all around. So I've been purchasing all the books I think may help me. I think to title anything "complete" is a optimistic stretch; however, this book moves along well, and is easy to read, with few instances of having to stop and look for more pertinent data. It's hard enough to start being aware of carbohydrates when one has not been a "sugar-eater" ever and then realize one's in a windstorm of information, new drugs all of which sound simply dangerous and terrible, and something I rarely over-indulged in is now harming my life - my organs, my total health.I have reviewed and read this book twice, now, and will use it regularly. If you are new to Diabetes, I'd buy this book, and use it. Fortunately, I have an excellent dietician, and I had four years of nutrition and diet therapy in a medical program in the 60s - so I'm not an ingenue when it comes to food, and health.On the other hand, one could always check it out online, read the info well provides, or from a library and make the decision to have one close by all the time. Best of luck.

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