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Ham Radio For Beginners: Quickstart Guide For New Hams And Amateur Radio Enthusiasts (Get Your License And Go From Beginner To Expert In Survival Communication And Self Reliance)

Long before there was Facebook and smart phones, there was ham radio – and today amateur radio is more popular and important than ever! For many amateur radio enthusiasts around the globe, ham radio has been a fun pastime, a way to connect with like minded people both near and far, and also an important technology to assist and survive in the most dire of emergencies. If you want to have fun and also be prepared for the worst, ham radio could be the perfect hobby for you! Feel the excitement of ham radio! Have fun exploring the technology of ham radio while constructing your own “radio shack”. Learn how to get your first rig up and running, then have fun connecting with a vast and diverse community who share your passion. Whether you're just “ragchewing” with your fellow hams or using your station to offer priceless assistance following a disaster, there is always something exciting to do when you have a ham radio! Be prepared for survival communication Disaster can strike at any time and you need to be prepared. But prepping isn't just limited to stockpiling water and canned goods in the basement. In order to survive, you will need access to information and communication with the outside world so you can maintain an active read on the situation as it develops. Ham radio is one of the most durable technologies you can have in a crisis. Long after the internet and cellur networks have failed, as a stationmaster you will still have access to your ham shack and can broadcast near and far in order to stay ahead of the pack and survive when the SHTF! Here is a preview of what you will learn: •How to acquire your license and call sign •All about antennas •What an FM repeater is and when to use one •Troubleshooting advice to quickly solve the most common problems new hams struggle with •Choosing your first ham radio •Everything you need to set up your first station •Call signs and modes •Build a personal wireless system for home, mobile, and portable operating •Make international friends •Train with cool technology •Understand what happens on different bands and learn to tune in a signal on SSB, FM, HF, VHF, and UHF •Assist with emergency communications •The effect of solar and weather conditions on radio waves •The future of ham radio •And much more! Don't put off getting started with this fun, interesting, and potentially life saving hobby! Grab your copy of HAM RADIO FOR BEGINNERS: QUICKSTART GUIDE FOR NEW HAMS AND AMATEUR RADIO ENTHUSIASTS today and get up to speed fast!

Paperback: 94 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 4, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1535096993

ISBN-13: 978-1535096997

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Its a good start but I think it needs some serous review and clarification as many items are very confusing.something that stands is it often refers to "Hams". I think most Amateur radio operators think of Hams as the operator and not the transceiver. the book uses the term hams for both transivers and operators and this gets confusing. without getting into detail there are several parts that are quite confusing and perhaps over simplification. one example of many technical errors is the section about using a dummy load to test your antenna"a dummy load is a device that lets you test you antenna without actual producing radio waves you wold connect the dummy antenna to a transmitters output and play with the tuner until you get here you want"Not the way it works. a dummy load can be used to test a transmitter but not an antenna system. there are many other such technical errors as short the book needs alot of review and editing. at present it offeres some very confusing and in many cases incorrect information about the hobby

It is interesting to know that the Ham radio has been the craze long before smartphones and Facebook were here. This is the first time that I have read a book about it and it has enlightened me. I find this book detailed and concise in its discussion about the Ham radio. It has given everything that a newbie needs to know about it. Important info has been given too. Like how to get a license for it, how the antennas work, some troubleshooting assistance, and a lot more. Indeed, if one needs to know more about a Ham radio, this book can be a good guide.

This book is both for beginners and amateur radio enthusiasts. I love how the author discussed about the most common concepts within ham radio, and why they are important. Also, I love how the author gave some applications using real world ham radio scenarios. This book is very straightforward. It was written in a way that readers would find it easier to understand. If you have any interest to learn about Ham Radio basics, uses then I will definitely suggest this book.

This is a broad overview of amateur- or ham- radio and it's relevance to interested students, survivalists and others. It contains the very basics on what is this hobby all about, what does it take to get started, and the baby steps to getting on the air.For those just learning about ham radio, you may want to jump to the back of the book for discussions on how ham radio fits into our current day communications and how ham radio is being embraced by the math, science and engineering communities as well as through the Maker communities.Then come back to the beginning to learn how to join in the fun.There are many books about ham radio you can read. This one will get you a "Quickstart" to the hobby.I only gave this eBook 4 stars as it needs one last edit plus it tries to cover a lot of ground. While the basics are there, a motivated reader will be begging for more details.

I know Ham radio long before and indeed it is one of the most durable technologies you can have in a crisis. Long after the internet and cellular networks have failed, as a stationmaster you will still have access to your ham shack and can broadcast near and far in order to stay ahead of the pack and survive, never thought you could still have it up to this date. Also looking forward to have one soon.

Reading books like this is never a waste of time because you will never know what you learn from this book might come in handy for you in the near future. In this book you will see detailed guidelines and instructions on how to use ham radio from beginner to expert. Harvey did a great job on creating a very informative book like this and I commend him for that. It is really worth spending my time reading this book.

This is a good beginner's guide book in learning radio ham. Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, is a hobby that enjoyed by hundred thousand of people here in the United States and by over a million people worldwide. Amateur radio operation is fun, and that is one of the main reason why I bought this book because I want to have at least basic knowledge about it. Honestly, I want to be an expert on this because ham radio can provide communication during states of emergency. In fact, it works when all other services fail. So it’s really important for us to have learned​ about ham radio. I personally recommend this because it is an informative and educational book.

Fun and interesting book to read. I remember having walkie talkies when I was younger and they are useful. I like this book very much because I find the information here useful and a necessary thing to know about. In any event that cellphones malfunction, HAM radios would come in handy. This book focuses on the "must know" and how to build a radio.

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